Your First Visit

A thorough examination, including a detailed general health history, history of the present complaint, as well as orthopedic, neurologic, and range of motion tests will be performed. The evaluation is likely one of the most comprehensive examination you will have.

The purpose on the evaluation is to determine whether chiropractic care is right for your condition. A detailed treatment plan which addresses your goals with associated time frames will be fully explained if you are a candidate for chiropractic treatments. If you are not, you will be referred out for care that is more suitable to your needs.

A treatment is typically provided at the end of the evaluation, unless there are contra-indications otherwise. Everything is fully explained before any adjustments are performed, including specific body positions, breathing techniques, and what will be expected after the adjustment.

Adjusting techniques used are in direct accordance to the patient’s particular tolerance and stage of injury. Patients who are nervous or apprehensive can rest assured that the specific adjustment used will be the most comfortable adjustment available while still being effective.


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