Welcome to Kouch Chiropractic

At Kouch Chiropractic, our goal is to aid you in achieving your health care goals. Whether it is to enhance your athletic performance, reduce your pain and discomfort, or optimize your daily spinal health, Kouch Chiropractic is here to help you with your goals.

Our integrative approach combines excellent adjusting techniques with Active Release Techniques (ART) to address the soft tissue (ligaments, muscles, tendons, and fascia) dysfunction associated with common spinal ailments.

Your appointments are one-on-one, with the full attention of the doctor. Your time is valuable, and Kouch Chiropractic prides itself on being able to see a patient within five minutes of their appointment time over 90% of the time, and within 10 minutes almost always.

Dr Kouch is gentle enough to treat the most acute cases, yet strong enough to treat even the most stubborn cases when required. Whether you sit at your desk for 8-10 hrs everyday, or you are an elite athlete, Dr Kouch can help you get out of pain.

Location: 63 South Main St, Natick MA 01760. Map

Kouch Chiropractic is located within the D’Arcy Wellness Center, near Natick Commons, adjacent to the Honey Farms. Phone number: 508-654-3500. Email: pheng@kouchchiropractic.com.

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